Supervision Services

We offer supervision services for a fee that include making sure the right amount of the product is on board, that it leaves on time, and that it is all according to the specifications that were agreed to before. Sometimes this is extremely important because some customers pay for the next shipment through the use of the money of the previous shipment. So if in the shipping schedule there is a problem, it could disrupt the entire delivery process. This is extremely troublesome for both seller and buyer. So, we offer this service to many customers that require top priority when purchasing the product.

We work with very closely with the shipping companies that have contracts with all suppliers, thus giving our customers the very attractive CIF price that we can offer. We can meet all demands by any buyer, inspection of the sugar during loading to ensure that the chemical specifications are met and that the sugar leaves on time. The most important part is to ensure the proper shipping schedule is followed so pressure on the Brazilian port to make sure that the our client’s sugar boat is always in queue to be loaded. Many times this kind of supervision will help in expediting the process due to local pressure from us on the ground. Although our suppliers are already extremely trust-worthy with the shipping schedules as well as the product they offer this is an added measure that some clients like to turn to, in order to ensure shipments. This is also because some clients require videos, or pictures to show to other potential clients of their current shipments to attract other buyers, we help them to obtain these as well.

When dealing with iron ore, the process of supervising is very simple and it only depends on where the iron ore is bought from. As we have 4 countries which we currently offer iron ore from, we can take the customer to the mines to see the iron ore for themselves, the same process as the sugar is also available when it comes to documentation to give the client peace of mind.We can help our customers have the feeling that they are there themselves by sending them any documentation that they require, as well as auditing services ONCE they have previously purchased from another supplier, as we cannot audit these suppliers for new and inexperienced buyers that are just curious. These services can be made for the client’s needs, insurance, or any other other reason they deem necessary.

The fee for the services will be a small percentage of the total sales invoice. This percentage varies and will be discussed thoroughly with each client as it varies due to many factors. If you wish to obtain more information about our supervising services please email or call us. But, please inquire if you have bought the commodity from us before, as we will not entertain new inquiries from new buyers. We will gladly discuss with you all details and an escort if the client wishes to make the trip to see the product first hand.

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