Sep 3, 2011

SUGAR ICUMSA 45 – 1200

The first commodity that we are able to provide due to our extensive relationships with suppliers and refineries and mills in Brazil is sugar. Sugar in any form, and shape. We have been working very closely with the suppliers for a long time and have pretty much been able to satisfy the needs of all our customers when it comes to sugar, be it raw or ready to eat. We have a various range of options for buyers of all types of sugars, these can be edible sugar to raw sugar, and then we are able to offer SPOT shipments to first time buyers or buyers that want to test our quality and then we also have CONTRACT shipments which are 1 year contracts made for a determined amount of sugar to be shipped out every month from Brazil. Let us know if we can analyze any options with you to assist you in deciding what type of purchase is more convenient for you!

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